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COVID-19 & Safe Travelling


At Seacombe House we take great pride in the cleanliness of our property. 

We have a very dedicated team of housekeeping staff and use premium cleaning products (Ecolab) to ensure cleanliness is more than just looking clean. Whilst we've had a strict regime for maintaining our high standard, we've added to our procedures to keep our valued guests safe and help halt the spread of the Coronavirus. For your information only, here's our 10 point Housekeeping Check:

  1. Our housekeeping staff organise their cleaning baskets, wearing gloves and face mask
  2. Our staff will only enter rooms with no guests present
  3. Open all doors and windows to air the rooms fully, and vacuum
  4. Bedding is removed (linen & blankets), placed in a separate trolley from fresh linen, and transported to our onsite laundry
  5. Crockery & Cutlery is removed from the room to be washed and sanitised
  6. Rubbish is removed and sorted for recycling
  7. Bathroom, Toilet & Shower areas are all mopped and cleaned with Ecolab chemicals, disinfectants and glass cleaners.
  8. Ecolab surface sanitisers used to wipe down all surfaces including power points, switches, benchrops, fridges, drawers, kettles, door handles. 
  9. After changing gloves... fresh amenities, placed in the room.
  10. We make up bed with fresh linen all washed & sanitised with Ecolab chemicals on site  

NOTE: We have also taken out all non-essential decor including pillows, throws etc 

Our staff are practising Social Distancing so we won't shake your hand and you won't be able to give us a hug for taking your safety so seriously. A thumbs up and a smile will have to do. - Christine (Manager)  

World Health Organisation tips on Staying Healthy While Travelling

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